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Learn life-long driving skills from experienced educators – only at ADC Driving School.

We can help anyone looking to learn or improve their skills, with unique driving lessons and safe techniques, while focusing on the responsibilities of being a safe driver. These skills help our new and experienced students understand the road dynamics, avoid traffic infringements, and reduce their chances of collisions.

At our driving school in Calgary NW, our students’ time is valuable, and we maximize it, so they ride off feeling confident in their abilities. With us, you will become a responsible and skilled motorist.

Why We’re The Best Driving School For You

At ADC Driving School, we train up-and-coming drivers the right way to drive: abiding traffic rules, holding themselves accountable and being responsible in a vehicle. By teaching in safe and challenging environments, our students don’t just pass their driving test; they gain skills for life. Here is why we’re the Calgary driving school of choice:

Experienced Instructors

With over 20 years of driving experience, including more than ten years as a professional, our instructors know the rules of the road inside-out. We’ve helped individuals with zero driving experience to new comers looking to get their Alberta licence.

Focus on

Driving a car safely is of the utmost importance for any road user, especially as Calgary grows larger. Our focus is more than just on driving; it’s about respecting the road rules and holding safety as a number one priority.

Customized Approach for Drivers

We understand that every driver is unique, learning in different ways and times. That’s why we take it lesson by lesson so that each driver gets the learning experience they need to harness their skills.

Skills & Knowledge
for Life

We go above and beyond with our driving lessons in Calgary, testing students in challenging situations, so they build their abilities, knowledge and confidence while on the road.

Courses for Learners & Experienced Drivers

Not only do we offer learning opportunities for new drivers, but we also offer courses for experienced drivers looking to enhance their techniques and expand their knowledge. Our courses are fun and interactive, which facilitates quicker and more in-depth learning.

Value for

We consistently outperform more expensive driving schools. We don't waste time like others that sell on "best price" We focus on educating drivers with life-long skills. We guarantee value for money.


Why Choose Us As Your Driving School in Calgary?

As the city of Calgary grows, so does its traffic. Accidents and incidents now occur on a daily basis, with some cases resulting in fatalities or life-altering situations. We understand this better than most, and we understand the nerves and anxiety that come with it. It’s why we make all the necessary adjustments to ensure that drivers are comfortable and confident with one of our instructors by their side.

With our focus on safety, we can make students feel relaxed and focused on the road in all scenarios. Drivers will have the training, knowledge and skills necessary to become proactive and responsible drivers. This approach, coupled with our attitude and hassle-free process, makes us the most in-demand and best driving school in the city. Try our Calgary driving simulator for even greater value!

Book With Our Instructors Today

Get Value For Money With Us

Booking your driving lessons shouldn’t be difficult. It should be easy and straightforward, loaded with vital information. That’s what we offer.

You can browse through all the available courses and consultations and view their prices. Once you select your preferred course, just fill out your details, pay the fees, and we will speak to you about a time that works best.

If you are ready to learn life-long skills that make you become a responsible and seasoned driver, book an online appointment or contact our driving school in Calgary directly.


Any Question?

Yes, they are. All our driving instructors are fully qualified and have over 10 years of professional coaching experience.
While you do not require the Licence while you register, you will have to have it when we begin in-car driving lessons. You will have to carry it with you while we take the lessons.
You will have to study the Alberta Government Handbook and pass the qualifying exam to get the Licence. You can take the exam at any government-approved registry office in Calgary.
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© 2020 ADC Driving School | Terms Design & SEO by GrowME