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At ADC Driving School, we know that everyone learns differently and requires a novel experience that benefits them. Our approach as a driving school in Calgary is, therefore, unique. We go above and beyond with our classes and courses to help students learn to safely and confidently drive in challenging scenarios that occur in real life. We even offer courses with a driving simulator!

Our instructors are well-trained, professional and compassionate. Students will feel secure in our vehicles, knowing that our instructors are there to help them become a safe and responsible motorist. Whether students are an experienced driver, a teenager, or preparing for the Alberta Class 5 Road Test, we have the Calgary driving courses that meet their needs and are available for an affordable price.

Our Wide Variety of Calgary Driving Courses

The Class 5 Licence is the ticket to being able to drive a vehicle legally. But it’s more than that.

It’s a necessary step towards being on the road and learning other higher tier licences. As such, we are proud to offer a wealth of different lessons, consultations and driving courses in Calgary for all drivers in ranges of skills and experience. Our services include:

Driving Lessons

We offer 1-hour and 2-hour lessons with our professional instructor in an easy to use and an ergonomic vehicle equipped with an instructor brake pedal. This can be used to prepare for a road test (Class 5 Basic/Advanced, Class 4) or general skill improvement.

Driving Consultations

We offer 1-hour and 2-hour lessons in a client-provided vehicle. This can be used to prepare for a road test (Class 5 Basic/Advanced, Class 4) or general skill improvement. Note: The drivers must have valid insurance and registration.

Class 7 Licence Holders

An in-depth course that provides students with the essential skills to pass the Alberta road test and develop lifelong skills that will prove valuable for life.

Class 5 (GDL and non-GDL) Licence Holders

Experienced drivers will undergo a series of challenges driving scenarios that will enhance their skills. We offer this course with both valid and non-valid insurance and registration.

We also offer our services for Road Test Rentals, including Basic Road Test and Advanced Testing, which includes Class 4. We provide a 15-hour Online Classroom for students to receive their insurance reduction certificate.


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With ten years of professional experience, alongside over 20 years of driving experience in Calgary and overseas, we know that every driver is different and requires different teachings. With our large variety of options, alongside flexible driving classes in Calgary, we can make sure that you learn the skills you need to pass your road test and become a safe and responsible driver.