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Learn From An Established Driving School in Calgary SE

ADC Driving School is an established driving school in SE Calgary that will teach students the necessary life-long skills to keep them safe on our roads.

We are built on the principles of safe driving and robust learning. Unlike other driving schools, we’re an actual school dedicated to helping students and drivers of all levels of experience enhance their skills and learn about Calgary’s road rules. Our focus is more than just developing drivers; we go above and beyond our teachings and classes.

Students will learn lifelong skills that will enable them to drive safely and with authority on the road.

Why Choose Us as Your Driving School in SE Calgary?

Our approach to teaching is how we differentiate ourselves from other driving schools and academies. While most focus on the standard “road test routes” and basic skills, we believe that testing situations and experiences truly develop a driver. Going over the same routines and situations, again and again, won’t prepare drivers when they face real-life scenarios. Our approach, therefore, focuses on:

Diverse Routes & Scenarios

We don’t stick to the standard road route formula. We go to another level, focusing our students on unique situations so that they are truly tested. It’s why we offer our services both as a SE and SW Calgary driving school.

Challenging Real-Life Situations

Drivers won’t learn to handle rush hour traffic or the highway unless they are on it. That’s what we’ll do. Students will be placed in challenging, real-life situations that will test their mettle, and most importantly, develop the skills to handle these situations.

Safety-First Driving Approach

Learning to drive means knowing the right skills that can set drivers up for life. That’s what we strive to achieve. Our instructors are primarily focused on passing on safety-first driving techniques that ensure responsibility and respect while driving.


Everyone learns differently and in different paces. We aim to make sure that students develop the skills they need in a timeframe that suits them. We take it lesson by lesson.

Learners and experienced drivers will get to experience all these benefits when they sign up for our courses. They will enjoy working with instructors with over ten years of professional experience, develop life-long skills and knowledge, and selecting a course that is suited to them. Compared to other driving schools in SE Calgary, we’re the best value for money.
Cathy Le
October 10, 2020.
Ricky was a great driving instructor to have as each driving session was very informative and fun! He was calm and patient with my mistakes and was quick to provide useful driving tips to correct my errors. Overall, I had a positive experience and would definitely recommend this program to anyone that is looking to pass their road test!
Tatianna Ogunnariwo-Dasilva
October 7, 2020.
Ricky is the best driving instructor in this City. He really helped me for the road test. He is extremely respectful, patient and really nice. I would recommend him he also gives constructive criticism. Thanks so much for all the help. He's truly the best.
Sophia Senkpiel
September 28, 2020.
Thanks to Ricky and his amazing feedback, I passed my Advanced Class 5 with flying colors! Ricky is an amazing instructor, gives constructive feedback and is a total joy to work with. Highly recommend! Thanks so much for your help! I couldn't be happier.
Luk Phoenix
September 26, 2020.
Ricky is a professional instructor, highly recommended !!
david zeng
September 23, 2020.
Had an easy time learning how to drive with an amazing instructor. Very patient and chill, helped with the hectic atmosphere of first time driving.
audrey yuen
September 19, 2020.
Ricky was a very good instructor, super patient, very nice, & honestly a fun person to chat with while learning how to drive! Highly recommend! all 3 of my cousins were also taught by him!
Suzanne So
September 19, 2020.
Just finished my road test and I’ve passed it!!! Yes! One take ! Thanks for teaching! Ricky is a very great instructor .
Brandon Dull
September 17, 2020.
Ricky is a fantastic teacher whose very patient, focused, and engaged with his students. He makes it a relaxing and safe space so that you can focus on improving your driving, while providing tips and knowledge. Very open and transperant with communication and scheduling.
September 16, 2020.
A very understanding and patient driving instructor who will teach you not just to pass road tests but will help you develop good driving skills for beyond them
maia smith
September 16, 2020.
Loved my driving school experience with Ricky. He was always patient and prepared me very well for my road test. He is very knowledgeable and took away any anxiety about driving. Highly recommend


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