Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are. All our driving instructors are fully qualified and have over 10 years of professional coaching experience.

While you do not require the Licence while you register, you will have to have it when we begin in-car driving lessons. You will have to carry it with you while we take the lessons.

You will have to study the Alberta Government Handbook and pass the qualifying exam to get the Licence. You can take the exam at any government-approved registry office in Calgary.
You can commence your in-car lessons at a time that suits you. We suggest that you contact us and book your appointment ahead of time to ensure that you get a spot. You will be tested on both safe and challenging conditions to enhance your skills and knowledge.
Yes, we do. As part of our comprehensive training courses, we offer online classrooms to enhance training, helping drivers understand the more refined rules and details on being on the road. You will be allocated several hours, depending on the course you have selected. You can study online classes at any time of the day.
Each individual is very different from one another, and progress is not linear. We take it lesson by lesson as we’ve helped people with zero driving experience be ready for the road test with less than 10 hours of training. With that said, we rarely need to work with an individual for over 20 hours as we do as much as possible in the booked amount of time.
We offer single sessions and consultations with our instructors, although you will save by selecting our packages. We also offer our vehicles for Road Test Rentals, so you are covered when you attend your test.
We provide free pick and drop off service for in-car driving lessons within the Calgary city limits. However, restrictions apply for specific areas and out of city limits.
We consistently see time after time that drivers who were only trained on test routes are less skilled and are not confident drivers. We believe that specific route-training is detrimental to students in the long-term. We always go above and beyond what is on the test and go anywhere to encounter various scenarios (highway, heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions). Our core philosophy is to train people and set them to drive safely and confidently for life.
It all depends on how confident you are on the road and your skill level. Our instructors can rate your level to see if you are ready to take the road test. We will offer friendly advice and tips on improving your driving so that you can pass the test. If you are prepared, it is best to book ahead of time, so you have more time to practice.
Nothing to be sad about! It happens to a lot of people. You just learn from your mistakes and practice some more. You can retake the test whenever you are ready!