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When it’s the first time on the road or driving on a new route, it helps to have a supportive, compassionate and caring instructor, offering guidance and support. At ADC Driving School, our Calgary diving instructors emphasize on creating a supportive environment where students feel comfortable and safe. Only through this sphere of influence can students maximize their skills and accept new challenges on the road.

With years of experience and a passion for driving, our instructors can teach essential life skills to new drivers, international students and workers, and experienced adults. Those looking to learn about Calgary’s driving rules, obtain their Alberta Driving License and become responsible motorists will benefit from our teachings.

Why Hire Our Calgary Driving Instructors

We teach hundreds of new students and experienced senior drivers a year, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need on Alberta roads. Our driving instructors are passionate about the importance of safe driving and advocating for students to become responsible motorists. Here is what we can offer as a driving school:

Experienced & Professional

With over ten years of professional driving, alongside 20 years of driving in Calgary and overseas, students are getting instructors that can pass on life-long skills.

Supportive & Open

We understand that drivers can be nervous on the road. It's why we are fully supportive and open, ready to help drivers and all their needs.

Highly Qualified

All our driving instructors are qualified by the Alberta Government, and constantly undergo training and professional development to continue serving our students.

Unique Training Approach

We put our students in unique and challenging situations that occur daily. Through this way, our students develop skills that can help them for life.

Student Safety

Our Calgary driving instructors are thoroughly screened and are trained to provide students with the utmost safety while on the road.

Comprehensive Course

We provide our students with comprehensive courses that can bring out their best qualities. We offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date, learner-friendly training sessions.


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You will feel safe, comfortable and secure with our driving instructors. We will do anything to ensure your safety is paramount and that you have the confidence to drive with purpose and precision. We are all about providing you with an exceptional experience.

If you are ready to learn life-long skills with highly qualified instructors that care about your well-being and future, get in touch with our team. Make a booking with our driving instructors today.