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The Smart Course to Lower Premiums

For young learners, international students and workers, finding affordable automotive insurance, especially as new drivers have to pay costly premiums, can be stressful. This is where undertaking an insurance reduction course in Calgary can be a worthwhile investment.

An insurance reduction course is designed for new drivers to learn the basic road rules, skills and behind the wheel experience that allows them to drive a vehicle while accessing lower premiums.

Learners must pass both in-car and online training, and upon completion, they will receive an Insurance Reduction Certificate. Upon receiving the certificate, students may present it to their insurance company, where they can drive with reduced rates.

An insurance reduction course is ideal for both new drivers and drivers from outside Canada as it provides them with the specifics of driving rules, laws and techniques.

Why Join Our Calgary Insurance Reduction Course

At ADC Driving School, we believe that an insurance reduction course in Calgary isn’t just about passing the test; it’s about learning and developing a responsible mindset where drivers can always save on insurance premiums. Our unique approach to obtaining an Insurance Reduction Certificate is how we stand out from other driving schools. With us, drivers can expect:

Essential Life-Long Skills

Our courses teach critical driving skills and techniques while developing a confident and responsible mindset to ensure drivers are always safe on the road.

Fresh & Exciting Curriculum

Unlike other driving schools, we go above and beyond with our driving lessons in Calgary. We focus on placing our students in challenging situations, so they learn them with calmness and focus.

Supportive Instructors

With over ten years of professional experience, our instructors know the anxiety and stresses of learning to drive. That’s why our instructors are patient, calm and supportive so that students can feel safe while on the road.

Value for Money

If people want to save money on insurance, why would they pay over the top for an insurance reduction course? We consistently outperform other schools by offering exceptional value for our services.


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Save On Premiums With Us

Our courses are available for both Class 7 Licence Holders and Class 5 (GDL and non-GDL) Licence Holders. We teach students the skills to remain safe on the road at all times, so they never have to pay over-the-top insurance rates.

If you are looking to save money on your insurance premiums, while gaining the necessary experience to drive safely, you can get an insurance discount by taking an insurance reduction course with ADC Driving School. Make a booking with our driving instructors today.